How Royalty Finance Works

Digital Asset Reward Royalties

02. Digital Assets

Royalty Finance takes a disciplined, highly selective and rigorous approach to digital asset royalties acquisition. We seek high quality protocols, that are decentralised, collateralised and non-custodial to reduce risk and share exceptional potential for network growth.

03. Reward Royalties

By providing liquidity service on layer two Bitcoin Lightning and Ethereum networks we generate fees in return. This constant stream of rewards generate a predictable and cash flow revenue that gets paid out to our investors and users as royalties.

No Custody Risk
Decentralised non-custodial liquidity protocol.
Deposits are collateralised
No risk for non-payments as smart contracts sell off collateralised digital assets.
Constant Cashflow Royalties
Yield is credited directly to our address every second.
USD 1:1 Stablecoins
USD nominated yield accessible globally.

04. Decentralised Finance

The overhead costs are kept to a minimum with the management fee of 20% from the dividend payments and future profits.