How Royalty Finance Works.

Cashflow Dividends Per Annum

01. Ordinary Equity Shares

Capital raised from the sale of ordinary shares is re-invested in Digital Assets that generate cash flow.

Company House
Our shareholders are registered on the Company House
Exotic Assets
Let us handle complex digital assets and smart contract protocols

02. Digital Assets

We research and select digital assets based on their investors, stability, earning and future value appreciation potential.

03. Decentralised Finance

The digital asset protocols are decentralised, collateralised and non-custodial to reduce risk.

No Custody Risk
Decentralised non-custodial liquidity protocol
Deposits are collateralised
No risk for non-payments as smart contracts sell off collateralised digital assets
Constant Cashflow Royalties
yield is credited directly to our address every second
USD 1:1 Stablecoins
USD nominated yield accessible globally

04. Commission Fee

The overhead costs are kept to a minimum apart from the management fee of 20% from the dividend payments and any profit upon the sale of your shares back to the company.