Digital Assets

We are transparent with our digital asset performance.
Royalty Finance ordinary shares are backed by digital assets that not only hold value but generate cashflow in the form of dividends for shareholders.

Digital Asset royalty dividends

With the advent of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, the Peer-to-Peer market continues to evolve as decentralized networks and smart contracts present new opportunities for accessing financial services outside of the traditional banking infrastructure.

Utilising public ledger technology, borrowers and lenders are able to enter a loan agreement via protocol without the need for an intermediary. Instead, self-executing smart contracts enable trustless transactions.

Royalties paid out as dividends


Asset £ Value / Ordinary Shares

Digital Assets %

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon (Matic)
  • AAVE
  • Ethereum Name Service
  • Ankr
  • Rose (Oasis Network)
  • Compound Finance
  • Others
  • Bitcoin
  • Optimism

Shares backed by digital assets

The capital raised from selling ordinary shares to investors is used to acquire digital assets that appreciate in value over long-term. Their ability to generate a cashflow by leasing to support blockchain networks and governance protocols makes these assets attractive.

Our Mission

We aim to generate a sustainable long-term cash flow income in the form of dividends from leasing these digital assets. The Bitcoin reward halving cycle of every four years is expected to appreciate the value of our digital assets fund over time which will in turn increase the value of ordinary shares for our investors and subsequent dividends from future fee minting.

Average Cashflow APY

Ethereum 4%
Polygon (Matic) 4.6%
AAVE 5.1%
API3 23.5%
Compound Finance 2.8%
ICP 7.6%
Others 14.95%

The average cashflow APY is based on the Staking Rewards 30 day average last time this page was updated. However the APY rate changes constantly and the above percentage might be different. Our fund’s basket of coins and assets change frequently and might be different to percentages indicated on this page or elsewhere on our website.