Royalty Finance Shares

You can now acquire ordinary shares in Royalty Finance Ltd

Ordinary Shares
£1000/ share priceEquity Investment
Your personal royaltyfinance.eth blockchain address
Registered on the Companies House
We can walk you through our slide deck
Introduction into Decentralised Finance
£200/ share priceFrom

Your name will appear on the Companies House shareholder register


Capital raise from the sale of Royalty Finance Ltd ordinary shares will show up on our public ether blockchain.

Why should I invest in Royalty Finance?
All the capital raised from the sale of ordinary shares is invested into digital assets that generate passive royalty cashflow with an aim to return 10% dividends per annum to you our investor.
What are ordinary shares?
Ordinary shares have full rights to dividends, voting at meetings and a right to the distribution of the companies assets in the event of winding-up or a sale.
How do we pay out dividends?
We pay out royalty dividends either to your bank account or to your crypto address attached to your user name on the royaltyfinance.eth register. There might be operation costs incurred for transactions fees to fiat bank account.
What's .eth DNS name?
The Ethereum Name Service is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. ENS eliminates the need to copy or type long addresses.

How do we calculate share price?
Your invested capital will be divided by our current amount of shares sold / the total value of digital assets on the etherscan
What currency do we accept as payments?
Royalty Finance Ltd is a UK registered company therefore our shares are priced in British sterling pound.